We are located by Bennett Bay Beach on Mayne Island.

Bennett Bay MapThe Mayne Island Resort is sited at one of the most beautiful resort and spa locations in the Gulf Islands. Relax, unwind, reconnect, book a spa treatment, take a walk along our beach and out to the point through a seaside grove of giant wind twisted arbutus. To top it off, all of our cottages, villas and inn room have what we believe are the best ocean front views in the Gulf Islands.

Mayne is an Island between Vancouver and Victoria.

Mayne Island Location mapThe Gulf Islands lie in the rain-shadow of the mountains of Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula. The result is a Mediterranean type of climate with dry summers and mild winters.

Mayne Island is only one hour ferry from Vancouver or Victoria and is at the center of the five large Gulf Islands. As a result, it is the hub of the Gulf Island ferry system creating excellent transportation options in all directions and the “perfect” Southern Gulf Island for a year round holiday destination.


Gulf Islands Waterfront Cottages

More sunshine than the Okanagan, a mere 80 centimetres of rain a year and spring flowers in February are just a few of the reasons why the southern Gulf Islands are referred to as Canada’s Hawaii.” -Exploring The Best
The Mayne Island Resort is nestled at the far edge of a cliffside meadow and is surrounded by stands of mature fir, pine and arbutus trees. This provides a spectacular view of Bennett Bay and the National Heritage Park of Campbell Point and beyond.
Landscaping and gardens will reflect this natural beauty by incorporating some of the plants indigenous to Mayne Island. Complementing these plantings will be species that local gardeners have found to thrive in the San Juan archipelago environment. A certified landscape architect has helped us design gardens that are beautiful, as well as drought resistant.
Over 250 different wild flowers grow and flourish on Mayne Island, from Blue-eyed Marys to rare orchids, common daisies, wild native roses and bluebells, brought to the island by early settlers.

Waterfront CottagesWild flowers carpet Mayne Island, during spring and summer.