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This package is an ultimate healthy body experience!

True Thalassotherapy is great for those wanting organic skin care with exquisite products from the cold, clean Canadian Pacific Ocean. For anyone ready to receive excellent defense to aging, serious skin nutrition, detoxification and relaxation benefits.

This ultra rich Seaflora seaweed treatment includes:

gentle body polish to clarify and exfoliate

a detoxifying wrap to recharge your skin with minerals while removing impurities

a relaxing head and scalp massage while resting wrapped

seaweed gel application with super powerful therapeutic and firming properties to calm and nourish while hydrating, tightening and rejuvenating. Relieve sore muscles and heal overexposure to the elements. It also controls cellulite with regular application.

massage with nourishing body lotion that remineralizes and increases blood circulation to help you shine!

2 hr $180


A deliciously aromatic citrus honey cream is applied to your skin after a body brush exfoliation. You are wrapped in a warm, moisturizing concoction of herbal and milk nutrients to smooth and soften your skin. Natural antibacterial properties cleanse and stimulate. Rest while receiving your head massage, which is followed by removal of the wrap and full body lotion application. You emerge from the cocoon relaxed, hydrated, nourished and renewed.

1 hr $130