Reiki Energy Treatment is restorative and relaxing; it is performed through clothing while you rest comfortably. Reiki is the transmission and direction of healing energy through practitioner’s hands gently placed on or near your body. The process gently promotes healing, boosts the immune system and can relieve pain while uplifting your mood.

1hr $110

CHAKRA BALANCING: Tune Up with Sound

Sound and vibration healing therapy using tuning forks can enhance your mind/body balance. Experience reduced muscular tension and increased circulation by releasing constriction around targeted organs through sound vibrations.

1 hr session $130.

Add on to any treatment or chair massage 25 minutes $50


RECONNECTIVE HEALING is often a life changing experience in which your practitioner guides you to reconnect your body meridian lines to the universal energy grid. You can evolve, release misconceptions, and gain insight along with increased body renewal functions. This reconnection draws on a timeless network of intelligence attuning you to operate at a higher frequency for better communication of energy, light, and information.

with Paulette 45 minutes $90

one to three sessions are recommended

What to expect: wear comfortable clothes, you will be asked to lie down face-up, shoes off, on a padded table, close your eyes and ‘let go’ to relax into the experience trusting that the universe will bring you exactly what is intended for you at this time. It is best to avoid perfumes, scented hair products and soaps before the session.


Learn techniques to make your shared massages more effective and enjoyable, taught by a professional therapist. Includes massage oil and seaweed gel pack.

2.5 hours $250

Contact Paulette, or 250-539-5391 to book your appointment.